[Peter专栏]Baking Radically Transparent Cookies 烘焙完全透明的曲奇


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Kees Pater doubled the size of the Dutch cookie factory he bought in 2004. But a not-so-sweet management lesson really changed things.

Pater's opaque and top-down management approach was stressing everyone out, including himself. His angst finally landed him in rehab for four weeks.

During his time off he worried that, without him there to lead the troops, the cookie business would crumble. But to his surprise, no such thing happened.

People came to work. Product shipped. Revenue was generated. Tick tick tick for an entire month. All without any input from him.

So Kees Pater made a radical decision: he turned his company's org-chart upside-down. The frontline staff would make all the important decisions and he would be a support and resource person.

The first step was teaching business acumen to every baker and mechanic, making clear every cost involved in baking a box of cookies. Everyone learned how to read the company's financial statements and how they themselves impact profitability.

Today, those team members are all happier, healthier and wealthier. And Pater has unwittingly become an advocate of a wonderful movement known as Open Book Management.

凯斯•佩特(Kees Pater)把他在2004年买的荷兰饼干工厂的规模扩大了一倍。但是一个不太好的管理方式让企业的运行并不那么顺利。





第一步是向每一位面包师和技师传授商业头脑(Business Acumen),明确烘烤一盒饼干的每一笔费用。每个人都学会了如何阅读公司的财务报表,以及他们自己如何影响公司盈利能力。





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